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Welcome to War Through the Lens



The purpose of this site is to provide a place where historians, authors and collectors can come together to share photographs and other information, in order to further the knowledge of military history and technology.  The keyword here is share.  It is not our intention to simply provide free photographs to collectors, nor do we wish to accept anyone's material without recognizing and rewarding their generosity.

As a registered member of the site, you will be able to access small-sized versions of a selection of the photos in our collection.

We are fully aware that the images are small.  There are good reasons for this.  Our collection is made up of photographs donated by our contributors, assembled over many years and often at great expense.  While we wish to share our collection with the military history community, we must also take care to respect the generosity of our contributors and not give away high resolution images while gaining nothing in return.


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Images with prefix ‘A, E, R, U or X’ are the property of

'The Archive of Modern Conflict'.

Those with a different prefix come from enthusiasts who desire to share the views with the hobby community rather than to keep them hidden in 'dusty drawers' with the risk that one day they would get lost forever.

In certain cases a scan of these can be shared for personal use or for publication, but this is solely at the discretion of the image's owner.


Image 3 Image 4


If you have original photographs in your possession that you are prepared to contribute or sell to the collection, or if you are willing to contribute your time and expertise in helping us to identify and catalogue the photographs in the collection, we encourage you to contact us at  As a contributor and collaborator, you will see larger images with captions and supporting information.

Photographs that you contribute to the collection will be made available to historians and authors for research and publication.  You retain full reproduction rights to any photographs that you contribute to the collection.  If you are working on a book or article and wish to contribute photographs that you plan to use in your publication, we will ensure that your photographs are not made available to other authors until after your work is published.

If you are an author and wish to use photographs from the collection in a publication, please see our terms and conditions.


Members may post images from this site on other Web sites for discussion purposes, provided (a) only a single image is posted at a time, (b) the image includes our watermark and is credited to War Through the Lens, (c) any useful information regarding the subject of the image gained from the discussion is shared with our site administrators so that we may improve the quality of the caption and other information related to the image.

If you own original photos or albums that you wish to donate or sell to our archive, please contact us.  Many thanks in advance for any offers.

Best regards,

The team at War Through the Lens.

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